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"Thank you once again for doing no less than a stellar job. This was the third year and we’re looking forward to having Strike Sound back in 2012. The guys are absolute professionals and did an outstanding job at this years concert. The pride you have in your company is obviously reflected by the team who represents Strike Sound.
“Thank you again for helping us carry on this tradition within a tradition!”"
- George P.
"Thanks for helping to make the Brooklyn Theater Art’s production of The Piano lesson by August Wilson a huge success!"
- The Cast
"The sound system was fantastic for both the dress rehearsal and the actual Holiday Concert. The parents and audience were commenting on how great everything sounded.
Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase, training, and setup of the system."
- Laura C.
"I wanted to thank you for the super sound engineers you provided to us. Tom and the crew were FANTASTIC and should be commended for their hard work supporting us .... especially Tom. Thanks again."
- Matt D.
"Thank You for a 'job well done' at this year's 'Children's Day' concert. For us, working this production as a 'skeleton crew' gets the job done with greater efficiency, each of the mem¬bers of the 'concert committee' take possession of the job at hand, skillfully working, unencumbered by too many people just getting in the way. (The old "too many cooks spoil the broth" theory). It does though, mean that each person works a cou¬ple of very long days. Your guys were no excep¬tion to this concept. You were professional and courteous to me and my crew _ and the production was the best yet. I wanted to send along this note to say that this commitment shown is not lost on me, or by the sponsor of the concert. All your hard work is most certainly appreciated and we'll see you again next year.

By the way, this year's concert attendance was the largest so far, and this (now five year) tradition is very special to our town (now in its 141st year)."
- George P.
"Thank you for providing sound for our concerts this summer. The audiences enjoyed the concerts greatly and the quality of work was superb!
Without you and your staff's diligence in providing excellent sound systems, the series would not have been as successful. Your dedication and cooperation throughout the entire series is greatly appreciated.
It was nice having a talented and reliable sound crew. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve for next year. Again, thank you for a great year and we look forward to receiving your bid for next year’s concert series."
- Emily R. - Recreation Supervisor
"Thank you for the sound support. Joe did an excellent job. I'll be down again soon with my band. We'll be in touch."
- David L.
"I wanted to email you and thank you for a successful event. Your team was professional and friendly. The equipment and instruments were great. I will definitely use you again.
We were working for a difficult client and they had many concerns including the fact that I never used you before. I am happy to know that I can feel confident in the future recruiting Strike Sound for any audio needs.
Rock on!"
- Wanda A.
"Once again, Strike Sound did a phenomenal job helping us provide for the troops of our Air Force Base. Your efforts are both recognized and appreciated. BTW: LOVE the price - we appreciate the break!"
- Monty D.
"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance in supporting the recent Commission public meetings regarding the environmental review. The sound system and the constant attention of your competent and courteous sound engineer greatly contributed to the quality of the meetings. The system provided by Strike Sound worked perfectly, and allowed our court reporter to achieve a clear transcript, which is critical for our review. Thank you for your support."
- Michael M
"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your service... Robert was fantastic. He was very patient and diligent. Thanks for your support. Look forward to working with you in the near future."
- Tawanda
"I didn't get a chance to thank you. Sorry, I was crazy busy with the great service we got at the convention. It is very much appreciated. Everything was smooth and answered all expectations. The tech guy that stayed with us was very pro and understanding and helped us in any way he could.
Again, thank you.
Hope to work with you again in the near future."
- Yigal A.
"We wanted to thank you for the great job and service that you provided for us. It is so good to work with professionals. We are really appreciate it.
A special thanks to dear Cliff. He was just amazing, really.
I felt so much relaxed with him. He was literally one of us and worried for the best performance. He helped us a lot and he knows everything. I remember I needed him and texted him - so he appeared in 2 min ready to help.

Really - please pass to him our love and thank you.
See you next time!"
- Dima
"Thank you again for your services! You did a great job and the parks department appreciated your work to maintain volume at a reasonable level."
- Kristyn N. -- Coordinator, Special Events, Event Manager
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your company. The sound engineer that you sent was so professional. I would say that one of the MAJOR reasons that the charity concert was such a success was because of how professional and how well the guy that you sent worked with the bands and the venue. (at this moment, his name has slipped my mind) He showed up and set up the gear way earlier than he had to which was great. He was so nice and clearly has a tremendous amount of experience. The transitions between the three bands was as smooth as could be!!! WE NEVER HEARD ANY FEEDBACK! He was able to keep the sound quality clear without blasting out our ear drums! Very impressive!
All the best, and I wish you and your company continued success!"
- Evan L.
"If I am lucky in anything, it is in my ability to choose people to work as teaching artists who can do exquisite work that allows so many students to be showcased specially and professionally.
This afternoon, at 1 :30, I watched a technical director/set designer, a lighting designer, and a sound designer (Jack Lowry, Strike Sound) made a bunch of Bronx high school students look like stars in abridged versions of TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES and TWELFTH NIGHT. In three hours of prep time for the day.
Your work makes such a difference to so many children.
Thank you for making me so proud of what we do."
- Linda K., Arts in Education
"Thanks again for everything on Saturday -- it was great."
- Mike K.
"We would like to extend gratitude to you for the wonderful working relationship that was established this past week on our project. Strike Sound did a fantastic job and yours is the caliber of professionalism that we have been searching for! We look forward to working with you again, in the not too distant future."
- Denean F.
"Wes was great last Saturday PM. He was definitely the perfect sound technician to send to us. Many thanks for helping us out with this concert."
- Janet
"Thank you so much for providing such fantastic lighting for the International Student Services global talent & fashion show!!"
- Jessica
"My wife and I MC'd for a show on Feb 25th. We would like to let you know that Martin, West and Q did a wonderful job with the sound and lighting.
See you next time."
- Tony H.
"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done for our Festival. Everyone was happy and felt very comfortable with your work and sound system.
PS. Jack, I wanted to ask you do you know any indoor venue where can feet about 10.000 people. Please let me know when you have time, or send me and address if you can please. Thank you very much."
- Raif H.
"Thank you so much for providing sound for my show yesterday 6/10. I've been performing for years and I have never had such a great experience like the one I had working with Martin and Strike Sound. They set up so quick and had the sound so perfect that I was literally blown away by it. Not only were they professional but also kind and hard working. They did everything thing we had asked and made me and my band sound amazing. Thank you so much for Strike sound. I will not only recommend Strike Sound to everyone I know but will work with Strike again and If it's ok by you I'd like to put a link to Strike Sound on my websites. Thank you again so much."
- Anonymous
"I just wanted to let you know that the two guys who were here were fantastic. They set up and broke down incredibly fast and gave us all the assistance we needed to get the show started on time. Very good."
- Jeffrey S.
"Thanks very much for a brilliant job! You have very professional crew that works fast, with a lot of attention and really professional knowledge and experience and also with great personal attitudes! Ruy, Wise, Mike and Tom did a brilliant job and didn't forget also being nice and fun people! :)
Your equipment is great! I'd like to work with your company in the future of course! Thanks again!"
- Sergey P.
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your guys who set up and engineered the sound were excellent. We will definitely use Strike Sound again!"
- Bill L.
"We would like thank you and your crew for a great backline & FOH production. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Strike Sound."
- Charles
"Thank you for your help. The sound man did a great job."
- Martin P.

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